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SKU & Hashtag

We offer searchable tagging with the "#" character followed by a string of connected text. For consumer understanding, the # character is known in social media technologies as a Hashtag. For merchant understanding, the # character is known in inventory practice as a SKU. 

Digital Debit incorporates a dual understanding from both the consumer and merchant uses of # in our support for tagged transaction information (#TAG). 

We pass #TAG information in both the Description and Reference fields of generated PayPal Invoices to allow associated transactions to be easily searched manually at PayPal.com or automatically via the PayPal Invoice API. 

SKU and Hashtag items are used to set transaction associations with inventory SKU numbers, a billing number, a charitable donation identifier, ticket numbers, and any apparatus where identifying a product or service is desired to be a redeemable record. The most common use of our #TAG support will be for developers building automated fulfillment instructions as part of a PayPal Invoice API Webhook installation.   


A payer can enter a #TAG before scanning a QR to conduct a transaction connected to a specific product or cause. 

If the seller enters a #TAG into their Notes field, the seller's QR is embedded with the #TAG and overrides any #TAG information the payer would add to their device before a QR scan. 

Please see our Advanced SKU and TAG section to learn how #TAG information can be coded to fulfill any product and service identification parameter. 

Developer Steps:

Connect with the PayPal API using your developer credentials and use the captured PayPal Invoice ID from our PDF417 section and call https://developer.paypal.com/docs/api/invoicing/v1/#invoices_get and parse the data under object "Reference".