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Merchants services can integrate with our typelocker card de-tokenization API service subscription.

*typelocker is a SaaS API service sold through AWS Marketplace for Amazon API Gateway.

Feature will be available in Digital Debit® version 3 and above.

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card sub-tokenization technology.

The typelocker™ SaaS validates sub-tokens found in our Digital Debit® QR so merchants can use mobile devices to trigger payments using their provisioned EMV tokens. The sub-token is saved to the user's device and acts simply as a customer identifier. Users must on-board with the merchant to establish a Customer-on-File or EMV token profile. Once enrolled, merchants can accept fast Digital Debit® QR payments by validating, saving and referencing the sub-token to the merchant’s relational database storing the PAN and provisioned EMV token. Merchants can then scan and use the sub-tokens to trigger stored EMV tokens for payments.

The typelocker SaaS is only available to channel partners. 

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